What drives you to create? As designers it is common to be working along, only to hit a slump where hours pass on a project and nothing seems to turn out quite right. As a perfectionist, I am all too familiar with staring at something and wanting to scrap the whole thing; frustrated that I am out of ideas. How do we combat this? One way I've found is to start with the ideal creative space. My work area is small but works well for me in what I need. The walls are filled with artwork, and I always have my computer, a pretty notepad and pens and papers ready to jot down ideas and lists. When I'm lacking inspiration, I flip through magazines, Pinterest, Instagram or walk around and explore a new neighbourhood. It's amazing what you notice when you really take the time... colours, textures, lines and the movement of objects all around you. Music is always a fantastic motivator for me as well and Songza has a great selection of playlists to get your blood pumping (example: http://songza.com/listen/get-pumped-pop-anthems-songza/). When all's said and done, what works for me is to keep a clean, uncluttered space full of things that I love, periodically taking a step back and looking at the work again later, and above all else, being patient with the process.