What a difference a year makes. In January of this year I sat down with my best friends and we decided that this year would be amazing. I drafted up the little graphic above (with limited experience in design at the time and evidently no understanding of tracking and kerning) and declared this the motto of the year. Looking back I am proud to say that I held those words close to my heart and lived a full 12 months of focused hard work and optimism, with a fire to pursue my dreams that I had never felt before. I made the most of this year by setting goals and hitting milestones one at a time; and am still stunned to realize how much progress has been made in this amount of time. This was the year I discovered that anything is possible, that there are no excuses, and no boundaries than the ones you choose for yourself. I am so grateful for all the patience and support I have received from my loved ones and the best clients in the world as I continue this adventure in doing what I love. To our clients and followers, thank you so much for your part in Blank Canvas Design Co. and get ready to see even more amazing things in 2015.

Happy New Year!