During the first week of April, I decided to take an entire week off - no work, no interruptions, and escape to Mexico. We travelled to Sayulita on the Pacific Coast, a small surf town becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest and Instagram. I truly believe that a new environment or experience is the best thing you can do to increase creativity and this trip did just that for me. With no looming deadlines or schedule, I spent several amazing lazy days relaxing on the beach and powering through books. The change of scenery, fresh sights and sounds, and different culture were very refreshing and inspired new ideas and goals. People visiting Sayulita always comment about the vibrant colours, and it's true, they are hard to miss. Bright tones are all over the architecture, food and natural surroundings, and make it such a happy and uplifting place. A week later I returned home with a great tan, renewed energy, and inspiration for new projects and future adventures.


I tend to shy away from all-inclusive resorts while on vacation, preferring to steer clear of other tourists in exchange for a more authentic local experience. Though not for everyone, my favourite spots in Sayulta include:

Stay - Hotel Hafa: Charming, colourful, adorable boutique hotel
Dine - Maria's, Tacos el Ivan, La Rustica Sayulita, La Empanaderia
Beach - Playa los Carracitos: a 45 minute hike from the centre of Sayulita, the perfect private beach away from the crowds



Taylor Swift
Ellie Goulding

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The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
Still Alice - Lisa Genova
Girl Boss - Sophia Amoruso
Yes Please - Amy Poehler