It's a very exciting day around here. As you may have noticed, there are some changes to our look and site, and we're proud to announce the launch of our new logo design and website!

As our business evolves, so does our brand, and as we near our 3rd year in business, we took a good look at ourselves and wanted to make some changes. In branding our clients, we help them come up with the right messaging and visuals to appeal to the right clients. Rather than casting a wide net to capture as many people as possible, we're all about identifying the ideal customers and clients that businesses want to work for, and gearing a company towards that specific market. So as our own business grew, we took the opportunity to do the same.

The heart of our brand message is still the same. We create custom work that is aesthetically driven but backed by thoughtful strategies. We help clients see possibilities. But we wanted to reposition our brand to be more than that. We've created a fresh new logo to represent the essence of who we are: clean and minimalistic, bold yet subtle, innovative but also timeless. In showing who we are, we aim to attract likeminded clients who are creative thinkers that are passionate about their business (and also have good taste). You'll notice on our homepage it says "Good Design for Good Businesses", and our goal is simply that: creating good work for people who do good work and can open up new opportunities with our help. 

Our website has changed to highlight our four areas of design: branding, print, web and events. We're excited to showcase each of these areas with some of our best work. Through this addition we hope to demonstrate our style of work and the range of what our studio can handle. 


Thanks for following along! We hope you like the new changes and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

If you've like what we've done and feel like your brand could use some evolution of its own, please contact us and we'd love to help.