This Spring, we worked with Choral Canada on a few design pieces to bring a new look to their conference materials. When we started, their materials looked like this:


For awhile they had stuck to a very basic design with a more corporate feel. Because of the nature of the organization, we wanted to freshen up the look with something more vibrant and modern. We were asked to create three separate banners that complemented one another but could also stand independently. We also faced the challenge of displaying 7 sub brands in a way that tied in with the main Choral Canada umbrella brand. The finished design is below:

To brighten up the brand, we took the vibrant colours of the logo and extended them to the banner design with a geometric background that spanned the three panels. When standing alone, each panel still maintains the brand identity and depth of the overall design, but when standing side by side, the panels formed a complete picture of every sub-brand of the organization against a background made up of the 7 brand colours. The end result was an eye-catching, energizing, cheerful banner display every bit as diverse as the organization itself.

Gisele’s outstanding design work has truly inspired Choral Canada members and has visually elevated this bilingual national arts service organization.
Gisele was commissioned to design a 3-panel “wall” of vertical vinyl banners. The project was complicated by the fact that there needed to be about a dozen sub-brand graphics included on the banners and most of these did not have existing logos. I had also asked that the banners be able to work as. 3 panel wall, as well as individually displayed single banners. Gisele brought all of these disparate pieces together in a stunning, clear and colourful way that totally reflects the diversity and complexity of Choral Canada’s programs and work.

When I displayed the 3 new banners side by side on the first day of our national board meetings, colleagues entering the meeting room were immediately thrilled, uplifted and gushing at Choral Canada’s new look. I honestly believe that Gisele’s design work elevated the vibe of these meetings and later, at the national conference of Choral Canada. It may sound too simple, but having these beautiful banners seemed to serve as an instant visual reminder of the volunteer work that everyone was doing on behalf of the organization, and this gave everyone a sense of optimism and rejuvenation for the future of Choral Canada.
We can’t thank Gisele enough for creating this feeling through her design work for us.

In addition to her beautiful design, Gisele was prompt and professional in every aspect of dealing with us, and she even offered referrals to other media artists and printers so that we could get the best value and artistic product.

I offer my full recommendation of Gisele and her work.
— Diana Clark, VP Advocacy, Choral Canada