Last week we launched a new website for the BNI All Stars, a networking group for entrepreneurs based in Vancouver. Keep reading to learn about our process and view the finished result.

The BNI All Stars was started 8 years ago and since then has grown to a membership of 35+ members. The group is based on the concept of referral-based marketing - rather than pushing others for personal sales, members attend weekly meetings to hear from other members and build relationships as referral partners. 

As the group falls under the umbrella of the larger organization of BNI, it did not have its own distinct web presence which would showcase members as well as provide information to potential guests and new members. We designed and launched their new website, which included content strategy, copywriting, and photography. The result is a simple but effective website, helping the group to increase visibility and establish its own identity. Visit the site here.

If you're an entrepreneur in Vancouver looking to grow your business, visit the BNI All Stars as a guest!